What is my Login Username?
Your ‘Username’ for login to PDOnline is your personal email address that was current at the time your account was established on PDOnline. If you are a Government school employee, your email address will almost always be your Edumail address. For non-Government school account holders, your Username will be the email address you were using at the time you applied for an account.
My Email address has changed, how do I login?
Simply login with your old email address as your Username. Once inside PDOnline, follow the link to ‘EDIT MY ACCOUNT’ and update your email address. Once updated, this will become your new login Username.
What is my Password?
Because we secure your PDOnline account, your password is a matter for you only. If you have forgotten it you can reset it by confirming your identity.To confirm your identity, you will need to know your Email address and your TO number.
What is a ‘TO number’ ?
If you forget your password, you are able to reset it, once you confirm your identity. To confirm your identity, you will need to know your email address and your TO number

For Government school employees, your TO number is the number you use to login to Edumail. Typically, it is an 8 digit number (example:- 08123456). If you do not know your TO number, you will not be able to confirm your identity to reset your password.

For all Non-Government school employees , please enter ‘0’ (the numeric zero) as your TO number.
How do I know if I have an account?
Most staff at Government schools will already have an account with PDOnline. However, if you are a recent graduate, we may not have account details for you. You will need to Request an Account. You can check whether PDOnline has an existing account in your name by entering your email address in the text box below, and clicking the ‘submit’ button.


None of the above information assists me. How can I contact the PDOnline Helpdesk?
If you know you have an account, have followed all of the procedures above and still cannot access PDOnline, please contact the Helpdesk by email. Questions to PDOnline Helpdesk will always be answered on the same day. Late requests for support (i.e. emails sent after 4.30pm or on weekends) will be answered on the following business day.
I need urgent assistance
For urgent assistance, you are welcome to phone PDOnline Administration on +613 9018 5105 during normal working hours 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge for all telephone support calls that we adjudge could have been addressed via Helpdesk email support. Calls are charged in 15 minute increments and the base (minimum) charge is $15.
The PD I want to attend does not appear on PDOnline. Who do I contact?
Your first point of contact is always the Regional Administrator of PDOnline. Click the links below to send an email to the Administrator in
Autism Spectrum Education Services
Central Office
Corporate Zen
Darren Schreck
Excelerated Training Pty Ltd trading as
Mr Darren Schreck
North Eastern Victoria Region (NEVR)
North Western Victoria Region (NWVR)
Professional PD Development Online Services
South Eastern Victoria Region (SEVR)
South Western Victoria Region (SWVR)
I have a technical issue, unrelated to my account. Who can I contact?
You should always contact your Regional Administrator (see above) in the first instance.
I need to contact PDOnline on a general administration matter. Who can I contact?
Please send your email to Mr Paul Cook at pdadmin@pd-online.com.au or Tel: 0417 308 717

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